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Brandon and I had a great summer working for the Hay Dude Ranch as trail guides (wranglers).  Snapper stayed there all
summer and worked over 100 miles a week, and Brandon learned to ride not only the 3 year old "Red" that he's on in the
photo, but rode Mo and Canada, Snapper sometimes, with Donna on Dash, and he even got to ride Dash a few times.   
Summer 2004
Well, there you have it... Snow in
November.  We 've done alot of stuff to
the LittleYellow Rose Ranch since last
year.  Rocco put in cross ties, two
hitching rails, a tie off by the mare motel
and a tack room for the boarders.  Nov
In November of 2005, "Charlie," a riding
"bud" of mine, and myself were eating
breakfast at "the Casino," when we
spotted an ad for a molly mule in Santa
Margarita, so we called, the mule
sounded good, and we packed up
Charlie's rig and took off to S. Mrgarita
the next morning...with Lite and Rio in
...the horses were the first to stay at the Motel 6 in Oxnard
overnight.  That was a tough night, for them and for us, but Sally
has turned out to be worth it...          November 2005
Well, there it is... the Birthday
present of my dreams.  The
Little Yellow Rose is now the
proud owner of a Sundowner,
Sunlite 727, 3 horse slant,
BP...WhooHoo!! I can't
decide where to go first...      
November 2005
I found a perfect home for Snapper, with a
wonderful family in Yucaipa.  Congratulations!!
Donna and  Mark, may you and Snapper have a
million great miles of riding ahead of you, and
behind you...     
We'll miss you Snapper...  December 2005
Always and
forever...slaves to our
horses.  LOL  Hidalgo
and Lite enjoy basking
in our ministrations.  
Who took those
pictures anyway?  

February 2006
Welcome to 2006.  This is our newest
addition to the family, "Kahlua."  Kahlua
worked all summer at Thousand Trails
for the "Hay Dude Ranch."   He was
looking a bit thin when I brought him
home on New Years day...
...but,  look at him now!  This is during
the first week of February.  Kahlua, is
very sweet and fun to ride.  Feb. 2006
Below and right are
pics of Lite and
Hidalgo with my mom
and I, they LOVE the
attention.  Feb 2006