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the Little Yellow Rose Ranch in Anza
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the Little Yellow Rose Ranch in Anza
Ph:   951-541-1221
This is a  picture of me on
Breezy(Impressive Breeze),  
ponying Splash in our annual
Sky Country Christmas
Caroling parade.  I've had
Breezy for 5 years, now,
although Rocco still insists she's
his horse.  Either way, she's a
great mare to ride, and I hope
she'll be around, happy and
healthy, for another 10 years.
Dec. 2002
This is Breezy with me up, cantering in
the Sky Country arena, sometime early
April 2003.
This is Splash Dance and I, at the
Pomona Draft and Mule show, 2002.
We didn't do very well that day, yet,
during that show season, we won 2
Grands, 1 Reserve Grand, Year End
Hi-Point in 2 divisions in Norco, and
a slew of Blue and Red ribbons.  I
started Splash under saddle at the
end of Summer, 2003.
That is me with T.W.O. Spot Splash Dance, my 2 year old Appaloosa mule at
Bishop with her two 1st place awards won in Halter.  She won 1st of 17 in
"Model Pack Mule Traveling type," the other was 1st of  7 in the "3 Year and
under Quarter type."  This "event" allowed "Splash" to accrue enough points
with the Am. Donkey and Mule Society, to achieve her VHOF (Versatility Hall
of Fame) Award, and have this photo printed in the June/July issue of the
ADMS magazine.  Thank you Evon Owens and Debbie Hertzman, for ALL of
your help and grooming tips, the two best halter competitors I've ever met.  
May 2003
Well, I'm not sure what I was thinking,
but I bought "Light A Star," a 2 1/2 year
old Paint gelding in early December,
2003.  We were in the middle of moving
to Anza, and I bought "Light" to start
under saddle and eventually use as a
"working horse" for starting 2 year olds,
etc.  I 'll post more pictures soon.  He's
already putting on weight.  Think of this
as a "before" picture.  Dec. 2003
...and this maniac, is "Rock N' Doodle,"
or as we call him, "Rocky."  He's 6 years
old and came out of North Dakota.  
He's excellant on the ground, but
"squirreley" as heck under saddle.  
Melissa and I agree that he's probably a
retired "Bucking String" horse.  He's
14'3"h. and stout, out of AQHA and
APHA stock.  Let's see what I can do
with him...  Dec. 2003
                           the Little Yellow Rose Ranch...
That is Cahuilla Mountain in the background. This photo is taken from our  
front porch.  The Yellow Rose is now just over 10 acres and we plan to
enhance it's already natural beauty, with plans for additional pastures and
barns.  This is truly a "LittleYellow Rose" ready to blossom ... we love
Anza already... and so will you.   Dec.  2003
This photo of the Little Yellow Rose Ranch main
horse facility, was taken 1 1/2 years after the
original pics were taken.  The LYRR was
originally 5 acres, became 10 acres and as you'll
see below an additional 16 acres was added on
our South side.  July 2005
The structures shown in the photo to the left
were built sometime around 1918, and were
used by stagecoach personnel for living quarters
and stage stop maintainance.  It's beautiful under
those trees.   July 2005
In the photos shown above, Cindi is seen riding her horse and
then later a friend's police trained horse.  Cindi came over my
back fence to clean stalls in exchange for lessons and sometimes
took very good care of my horses when I went out of town.   
April 2004
Well...several months have gone by, and look at
Lite now.  He's coming along nicely under saddle in
the round pen, and he has the most charming
personality.  Lite is the type of horse that lets us fall
in love with horses in the first place.  He's going to
be huge, because he's not yet three on the calendar
and I think he's grown since I took this photo last
week. LOL  April 2004

Note Rocco's nifty new farm toy in the
This is GT Rome a
Registered Arabian
colt at 4 months old.  
On th bottom is his
sire Aeneus AVG with
his owner and handler,
Andrew Myers.  Wait
until you see "Romy "
in a year or so...
May 2004