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the Little Yellow Rose Ranch in Anza
Ph:  951-541-1221
Little Yellow Rose Ranch in Anza, CA
Ph:   951-541-1221
Akita, owned by Faye Dunn, with
me up, at his 1st horseshow at
Stacey Turner's, Norco, CA August
Akita placed three 2nds, one 3rd
and two 4ths Western Pleasure and
Equitation, and bareback
Equitation.  Stacey Turners, Norco,
CA, August 1990.
This is the only picture I have of
little Moreta Mo at 3 years old.  I
bought her as a weanling at the
auction for $100.00, through a
friend before the actual auction.  
She turned out to be a decent mare,
Riverside, CA, January 1990.
Now here's a
horse I'd have
given my "eye
teeth" for.  His
name is A'Ponte, a
grandson of
16'2", 6 year old
stallion, Bob
Sterns, Rubidoux,
CA October 1991.

This is Applauzz,
another Arabian
owned by Mike and
Faye Dunn.  This is
one of his first rides
as a three year old,
starting under saddle.

Norco, CA,  May
I rode various
horses off and on
for the next few
years, until I
married Rocco
and he purchased
Chester for me, a
Morgan gelding
that a teenager
had become much
too busy for.  
Mira Loma, CA,
May 1996.
Chester just got prettier
and prettier.  Everytime
I rode him out of the
yard, someone would
stop me and comment
on how pretty he was.  
I've never had a horse
get so many "kudos"...
These are Rocco's and
my friends, Jeff and
Sherry.  They live at the
beach.  If it weren't for
Jeff I wouldn't have half
these photos to share
with our visitors.  And
Sherry is just plain fun
to ride with.  That's
Breezy and Chester
before a ride.  All my
horses have been
"city-slicker" horses,
exposed to everything
civilization could throw
at them, i.e., bikes,
motorcycles, "big rigs,"
...and boy, did
Chester and I have a
lot of fun trail riding
with friends and with
the Back Country
Horsemen, Santa Ana
River Unit.  Chester
and I rode,
Cuyamaca, Palm
Springs Indian
reservation, Chino
Hills State Park, and
all over the Santa Ana
river bottom.  
Here I am on the right, with Chester and
some friends, at Cuyamaca State Park,
San Diego County.  This was a weekend
camping trip with the Back Country
Horsemen, and it was beautiful, and
That's my "best friend," Annie.  We were
on a ride with the BCHC at "Indian
Wells" in Palm Springs.  It was really
HOT!  I know, we're never happy...Ha
Ha Ha...I'm on Chester, and she rode
"Cowboy," who happily "jigged" his way
up, over and around the desert.  Annie
wasn't too happy about it, though...
That would be me on Breezy in
Big Bear with the Back Country
Horsemen, Santa Ana River Unit.  
That was a rough ride and our
lead rider took us too far out, so I
called Rocco to come pick up
Breezy, and another mare that was
exhausted.  Never follow another
rider out, without familiarizing
yourself with the route prior to
your departure.  That was the
lesson learned that weekend.
This is Eyes A Red
Snapper.  I bought her
from the Rusty Bucket
in Norco, at 5 1/2
months. She was well
"Imprinted" by
Bobbie.  This is
Snapper at 6 Months,
Mira Loma, CA,
August 1998.
This is Snapper as a 2 year old.  She's
Paint Breeding stock, out of Eyes A
Medicine Man, out of Far Ute Keno.  I
started Snapper under saddle myself and
have put many miles on her.  She's my
horse, don't doubt it for a minute.
Here's an interesting fellow we "fostered" for about a year, he is a
Thoroughbred, and his name is Benjamin.  He was owned by Judy
Miner, and he had come off the track as a 5 year old, and had
been shown extensively as an English Pleasure horse until Judy
tired of showing.  I could ride him on the trail, but he was too much
horse for any of my family members and/or guests.  He had been in
an enclosed box stall all of his life, so he enjoyed the freedom our
facility offered until we found a youth rider to use him at what he
knew best, ...showing.
That's me, the one with the "goofy face."  Notice
how the "friend" photographer always snaps a
picture right when you look your worst.  Anyway,
Snapper is lookin' good in this picture as a 3 year
old...and she was lookin' stout, even then.
Ahaaa...That's Snapper,  with me up.  Out on one
of our many trail rides with good friends. Mary
Tyo trailhead, Mira Loma, CA, 2002